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nube de crp radios
CRP RADIOS, is the leading radio group that connects with more than 10 million listeners a week nationwide. It has a portfolio of strategically segmented stations that reach all target audiences. This variety allows you to play the most popular musical genres and connect with listeners in 47 different cities in the country.


CRP RADIOS needed to update its customer quotation system, focusing on the following features: an easy-to-use, centralized, secure, scalable system that would allow access from any location. With this challenge in mind, we migrated from a traditional implementation in on-premises mode to a cloud mode implementation using the tools provided by Microsoft Azure under an IAAS implementation environment. CRP RADIOS had the collaboration of the Valtec Consultores technical team, who is certified in multi-cloud technologies.


During the execution of this project, an IAAS environment was turned on in the cloud using the services of virtual machines, sql server database, among other services of the Azure cloud.

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The new application to be developed required immediate access from any location and to be available 24/7. Given this need, CRP RADIOS adopted the cloud solution and was able to verify that Azure is an agile, cost-efficient and easy-to-use platform.

A feature that the development should have consisted of having a cloud environment that can be fully managed by the CRP RADIOS IT team, in order to obtain greater agility, scalability, security and high availability in the deployment and support of the solution developed by Valtec Consultores as well as in future solutions and integrations to other on-premise applications of the organization.

The project began at the end of 2020 with a pilot that sought to validate the most suitable cloud infrastructure for the system to be developed, with the main focus being the administration of its own cloud environment. As part of the execution of the project, Valtec Consultores was able to deploy an IAAS environment, with the activation and configuration of database virtual machines and web services in a production environment in Azure.


Daniel Álvarez, IT Manager at CRP RADIOS, comments:

The implementation of the new commercial system as a service in Azure was very important to be able to fulfill all the functionalities required by the stakeholders of the project. However, the joint work carried out by the multidisciplinary team between CRP RADIOS and Valtec Consultores allowed us to carry out the project in a very planned way and with the best architecture in Azure to meet our objectives. Thus we achieve the expected success of the project within the expected deadlines.


After the implementation of the IAAS environment in Azure, and consequent comparison with other cloud initiatives, CRP RADIOS was able to demonstrate the multiple possibilities offered by the Azure cloud, a platform recommended by Valtec Consultores, it was shown as a flexible, cost-efficient and secure platform, which is also highly compatible with existing on-premise architectures in CRP RADIOS. Reason for which the company has been operating to date sql server environments, azure ad, iis, among others that have been supporting the operation of its commercial area.

“We were looking to have availability and 24/7 access to business information in a virtual machine environment that would allow a secure environment. Microsoft Azure allowed us to better integrate and use what a cloud IAAS environment offers us. In addition, Azure has efficiently handled sensitive issues for us, such as the security of information in our databases within all our deployed infrastructure. we achieved better performance and online response, which was what we expected to obtain by managing our own architecture in the cloud”, says Daniel Álvarez, IT manager at CRP RADIOS.


Valtec Consultores is a Microsoft partner specialized in custom software development services, adoption of cloud environments and digital transformation initiatives with a focus on advanced technologies (big data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and migration.


In synchrony with the main project of custom development and migration of information to the cloud, CRP RADIOS has been evaluating new initiatives under Microsoft solutions for the backup, storage and exploitation of its database management by Valtec Consultores, which has strengthened this technological binomial formed between both Peruvian companies.