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Perufarma is the Peruvian Distribution, Marketing and Logistics Operation company with more than 50 years of presence in the national market and with more than 500 collaborators, oriented towards the provision of import and distribution services of foreign products of recognized brands within the Peruvian market. Its purpose is to manage the incursion of foreign brands and products in our local market through its commercial representation, which allows them to manage the total operation of the business: storage, sales, billing, distribution, credit and collection, marketing, among other aspects.


Perufarma's IT Department identified the need to take the web services that they had developed for their commercial application, which initially operated in an on-premise environment, to the Azure cloud. The premise of the project was to stop growing in local server infrastructure. publishing these services in a traditional way in its internal network and choosing to take the first steps in adopting the cloud but connected to its local database environment in Oracle under a RedHat server, under this scenario supported by the expertise of its technological partner Valtec Consultants, a Hybrid cloud environment was designed and activated using the services of app service, networking, hybrid connection, storage, among other Azure cloud services.


Perufarma set itself the challenge of moving from a traditional implementation of web services exposure in on premise mode to an implementation in cloud mode, opting for Azure services under a hybrid implementation environment, with the main focus that these services exposed in cloud can continue consulting business information hitting their local Oracle 10 database infrastructure. To carry out this challenging scenario, Perufarma had the collaboration of Valtec's certified technical team in Azure architectures. Valtec Consultores, is a Microsoft partner specialized in custom software development services, adoption of cloud environments and digital transformation initiatives with a focus on advanced technologies (big data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and migration).

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The main objective of the project proposed by our client Perufarma was to stop scaling the availability of local web servers and move to a Microsoft cloud environment that would support the publication of its web services developed in PHP language but connected to a hybrid scenario to respond to service information queries from your local database in Oracle 10g. For this scenario, a hybrid connection was created between the app service exposed in Azure and a local endpoint in the Perufarma network where the Hybrid Connection Manager client associated with the Azure deployment account was installed.


The accompaniment to propose and adopt the ideal architecture in the Azure cloud was key in the relationship with our technological partner Valtec Consultores, Mauricio Hernández, IT Project Supervisor at Perufarma, comments:

The implementation of this new hybrid environment with Azure has been vital to allow us to deploy our core web services that provide access to business information from our ERP and that are now consumed by our mobile app. Being able to work hand in hand with the technical specialists of our partner Valtec has been key for us, which has allowed us to carry out the project very quickly and with the expected quality of support.


“As a result of this first experience approaching and adopting cloud computing, Perufarma has been evaluating new initiatives under Microsoft solutions for data analytics scenarios and activation of azure dat factory services by Valtec Consultores, along the way there has been no leaving aside training initiatives, and our partner Valtec has already trained us on Azure DevOps issues, which has allowed us to adopt best practices for our software development teams within the company; emphasized Mauricio Hernández, IT Project Supervisor at Perufarma.”