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We know perfectly well that each company is different, so very particular solutions are needed, adapted to current needs and scalable future scenarios. Therefore, we take on the technical challenges that this implies, developing applications and executing our services exactly as your organization requires it, tailor-made for you!


customized solutions

We focus on developing the most innovative web applications for the different business scenarios of our clients. Our specialists make use of the most ad hoc technologies for the technological environment of your organization or will be able to propose the ideal architecture for your application.
We cover the different operational scenarios in your business where you can apply an app to empower your team, manage online-offline activities, and other potential scenarios that our team can propose to you to develop a custom app.
We support you with the challenges of taking action to have an enterprise architecture in your organization, let us support you in the challenge of harmonizing the business processes of your organization and the resident or required IT infrastructure.


step by step


Immersion in the business

Our team meets with your Key Users to be able to exchange initial project insights and challenges of the requirements raised.
For project visibility we use Azure DevOps to share the project overview, and how we are going to break it down for each iteration or deliverable and meet the objectives.
Our UX/UI design area is responsible for translating Core Business requirements into low fidelity prototypes, incrementing these designs as approved. Then, we capture the whole idea in high fidelity prototypes where we execute multiple interactions before starting our developments.


Solution Design


Technology Architecture

The design of the Software Architecture allows us to give solutions to the technical and operational requirements of our client's application. We define which components will form the software, how they will relate to each other, and how through their interaction the specified function will be carried out, complying with previously established criteria; such as security, availability, efficiency or usability.
In this part of our flow, our technical development specialists participate in the creation of the software based on the guidelines deployed in the previous stages, in this phase comes out all the genius, creativity and technical expertise of our teams made up of specialists in different types of technology whose value is reflected in the construction of ideal components for our customers.




Quality Testing

Our quality control team executes the different software testing scenarios (functional, stress, performance) necessary to detect any improvement that can be applied to the software built and also to validate the correct fulfillment of each of the functional requirements of our customers in compliance with our quality standards.
We accompany our customers in the acceptance tests, who verify that the system we have built fully satisfies each of the requirements and are based primarily on business functionality tests by key users or process owners of our customers.


Acceptance Testing


Deployment and Go Live!

In this last phase, we deploy or accompany our clients in the deployment of the developed solution, always executing our quality control checklist for this implementation phase. Once this is done, we start a support phase for the users and we implement our warranty protocol for the product generated.

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