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AGP Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech glazing with a broad portfolio of products for the automotive, marine and security markets.
With nearly 4,000 professionals employed around the world, the company provides solutions to over 20 automotive brands that are shaping the future of mobility.
Move to a second level the management of your project portfolio and leave your traditional Excel dashboard to move to a cloud web application where you can have a more robust and scalable solution.
Manage through different roles (administrators, manager, project leader and the team) actions on activities related to budget, project compliance, hours worked, costs, among other aspects that allow a comprehensive vision under a dashboard scenario for decision making.
Project Process
We start the service with a first meeting to approach the needs of the business. Valtec's team of specialists in their different roles made inquiries about the flow of their processes, the current operation and with this they proceeded to organize the requirements and modules with which they would work.
The scope of the project was segmented into three modules:
Scope for the R&D profile, owner of the global process with the power to make changes to the entire project portfolio and consume the consolidated information from the control panel.
Scope for the Project Leader profile, who also makes changes to project activities, but only has access to their portfolio designated by the R&D profile.
Scope for the Administration profile, in charge of the permissions and access of all users, as well as the maintenance of the master data of the application.
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