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Servicios Generales S&R, is a company dedicated to providing field preventive and corrective maintenance services to a mining consortium in the department of Puno.
Its daily management consists of planning the maintenance of facilities, machinery and equipment, as well as attending to incidents on demand in the mining facilities of its client.
Its installed base of technicians covers different services whose volume of services required moving to a new level of management with a web management system and a Mobile application for technicians and supervisors.
Migrate traditional operations, which included recording incidents and managing current operations via Excel; communication through WhatsApp and mail, as well as field planning support based on physical documents to a more agile, available and scalable scenario.
Project Process
The project begins with an overview session to recognize our client's field operation, where he tells us what he currently suffers from, what he needs and hopes to obtain as a final product. Their requirements were managed, which led to separating the scope of the project into the following four modules:
The scope of the project was segmented into three modules:
Incident registration module:
Required to record unscheduled activities that are separated into two blocks: (a) Operational deviations made through the mobile. (b) Inspections of operations that are carried out through the web application.
Planning Module:
Required to record activities associated with the planning of an annual schedule.
Materials module:
Required to register and control the entry and exit of materials to the central field warehouse.
Administration module:
Required for the management of the main master tables of the application as well as for the parameters required for the operation, in addition to all the control of users, permissions and roles.
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